It is about a Journey..

Journey of life.

Some people does not recognize that their life is passed away as soon as they do exhaling.
There are some prestigious  moment that might be not captured well as it should be. Most people live it and leave it just that way.

In some other reason, they choose to live naturally, in order to make their life not to overwhelming and still on their track. Some people. Ya, like my husband said to me, leave it as usual *it getting personally huh*.

Not to happy too much, not to sad too much. Be flat. Flat?

For me, flat is not the word. Jumping through emotion is something usual that I did. But it is not good, friends, yes it was not good. We can also breath - inhale exhale - in our life, without jumping.

Smile, is always the best cure to heal the sadness or the happiness that come early or too much. Might be that would be the best solution to cover "too much" feeling when you passed the day.
Is that wrong to feel too much?
Or is that wrong not to feel too much?

Indeed, no one will say it right, or might be wrong. *oh dear I had watch "Sex in The City too much so I will  adopt Carrie Bradshaw's narration here*

Just, take it enough. Not too much, not to less. We can capture it smoothly by camera, or just leave it in our memory.
 Talking about it enough. Reacting of it enough. Speaking of it enough.

Then, leave it behind. It is not about the matter in front of you, it is about how do you react about it.

*do you have any idea, what did I have talked about??
Biiiiigg Griiinnnn...

surround by hollow.

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