I know. Life is full of choices.
And my life, is only once. And it is full of choices within its episodes.
My life, has thousand journeys and episodes.

Every single time when I jumped into new episode of my life, I had been faced onto choices.
Which one should I pick. Which one should I take.

But the only and only reason to choose is : LOVE
Love for my soulmate, love of my kids, love of the journeys that had been past.

Life, is not easy.
Life, is also not hard. Once, I heard about: just make it simple, don't play to hard with your self.
Then if now I choose to simplify it, am I wrong?
I want to eliminate the one that make me not comfortable, since I know it makes everybody not comfortable.
But of course, as always, it is not that easy. Not as easy as it written here.

Beyond all of those, I have dreams.
Now the dreams are so close to reach but still too far to touch.
All against each others, dreams and life should be.

Now the only thing I could is dreaming, without wings..

**lying on confession,

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