We have one place for rest when we have trip back to Surabaya, or going back to Semarang.
It is our favorite place, because we can stay longer there, resting, walking, breathing, and also praying to God. Wishing for another miracles. And also praying for good and safe trip, way go and back home....

This is the name of the favorite place. Baitunnur, Masjid Agung Pati, Jawa Tengah.
Beside the location, the place, I myself adore the architecture. It makes me so little in front of my Creator. I just feel so much hollow so I can easily reach my alfa level to connect to Him.
It is so cool, the floor, the feeling, the air... you will never found it anywhere.

Mihrab. When we take our pray, we should face to Qiblat. And place of Imam, the one who lead the sholat, called Mihrab. In this mosque, the mihrab so beautiful.
Inside the mosque. Could you feel it? It is oh so yes. So you. Only you and your Creator...

This mosque have an unique identity. When we want to take wudhu, we should be walking on stone-river, which is connected the side terrace to wudhu's place, men and women. On the ground of this river, is placed lot of massage stones, with very cold water. You would enjoy to walk in there..
This is the wudhu's place for man..

Upstairs, another woman place for pray. Surrounding with cubes wall, and symbolic windows. It is a void in front of it, so we might able to see the Mihrab.

Baitunnur Tower. With its front facade. Modernism with Islamic Architecture, which is correlated with symbols, repetition, and simplicity.

The front terrace, so wide. Most people always give up to attraction of laying down here. A minute, and then comes to another minutes, then it will never stop until we realize that we still have another half way to go...

The side terrace. Place of sleep as well. Too bad. But we often see that. I just believe that mosque is not kind of hotel. You must realize that we cannot, and not allowed to sleep at mosque..

..... and this one. Below stairs is the most comfortable place for sleep. No distractions, no sunlight, full of shadow. What a dream could be..

BEDUG. For calling you when sholat time arrives. Adzan time. So don't deny it. Take your wudhu and move on..!!

Look at the floor. It is shining. It reflected you. Your badness. Your evil. Your kind. Your wide heart. It is all there..

The fence. Front railing. Repetition as well. As the Islamic Architecture should be. Symbolic and repetition.

The mosque's pattern of front yard. The grass which between the ground. Keep repeat. After and after..

Repetition on the rooster, partition of walls between room in this mosque..

The high ceiling. This pic is taken by my beloved husband from the floor...

The window architecture. No starts and no ends. It is another repetition and circling concept..

The other window. Vice versa. Back to another. Sharp and light. Going to one point, and you will able to reach it if you try. Trust me..

But, at the end... still have to go. Back to where we start, and going to chase our destiny..

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