Getting tired in the end of this week, I decided to call a massager in my house. I thought it would be great to have little punches and smacked on the right place.

Then I called her, Madam Marni, as what she used to call.

I got her number from her daughter, who worked as part time maid near to my house.

We had an appointment by 8am, this Sunday Morning.

She arrived by 8.30 am. She was riding a bicycle. It explained why she was late.

Then I started to set my platform for massage. Should be the comfort one.

She started. Slowly but sure. She just massaged me on the right place, start from shoulder down to end. Go lower to the feet.

In the first ten minutes I felt so relaxed. But I follow my instinct that something was not quiet fit for me. What was that, I just about to find out.

In the next ten minutes. Kill me. Just kill me if you want. I choose to be die if you treat me like this. It was hurt. So so hurt. I didn’t have any figure that the massage session would be so hard.

I was flying away into dark side of big deep hole of pain. I started to feel that all my muscle was turned into wrong direction. I felt like bump into big and hard truck in land of stones.

She was giving lotion for make it easier.

Smooth. Easy. Nice. In another five minutes.

In the next ten minutes. I was drowning. Deep in the green and hard tight jelly, suck in my mouth so I could not breath.

My husband said that he wanted to leave house in a moment and would be back immediately. He took our daughter with him, both of them.

Oh please don’t go. How if you couldn’t find me alive after this?

Then the minutes walking slowly and sticky. Suddenly I felt something goes on my private place. Oh no. Her foot. So why the hell it is doing there?

I didn’t feel anything when she stretch me to long way out there. It was so disturbing me when felt that wrong organ doing steadily in mine. Just go away..

Then I felt my left foot on the air. But nothing happened. I heard ticking sound.

Wondering what, I turned my head around.

She was biting her nails with her mouth. Smiling at me.

I massaged by Raksesi. Wife of Rahwana.

Then, puih. Puih. That sound swinging in my back.

She throwed away the nails cut into my floor. My room’s floor. My bedroom’s floor.

Not in another million years I will call this women again.

Then after those horrible things finished, she started to massage me again.

With that hand.

Creepy. Let me go.

Didn’t want to hurt her, I just pray how to fast forward this session.

Fool me.

In another fifteen minutes. I was sick. I wanted to stop. But my body says no please. It is just about of becoming good.

Okay. So I wait. Then she told me to sit down. Just after she stretched my hand and pushed high in the air, during her jolt to my shoulder.

She gave me last big great shoot of massage.

Then it was over. My daylight mare, if you can’t say it night mare.

And yes, not in a million years.

Not a massage session. From now on, I just want to go to spa.

Jasmine spa. Good bath up.

Oh ya, I almost forgot the greatest part.

After she massaged me, she went to my bathroom without permission. I swallowed my word instantly. After I gave her the money, I rushed to my bathroom for taking seriously bath.

And the extraordinary and hilarious smell was welcoming me inside the bathroom.

PETE. Search in Wikipedia what is that, in Indonesian food.

Thank you very much, Madam.

You made my day.

Nov 2nd, 2008. 9.27 pm



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