just if I could
back and turning time
I would come to that place
when we first met

just if I could
seeing you formerly
I would love you from that time
I would adore you since that time

just if I could
touch you earlier
I would carry you always
I would keep you in my heart

just if I could
turning back all my time
I would not throw any second
for loving you from beginning

just if I could
I would hold you forever

but it is time carry us here
till we like these times
love is suddenly come
because we has been written
in that big book
because when we met
before time
we might be won't
like we do here now
carving life together
carrying love together
because I always love
and I always do

to you
just if I could
just if I knew
that you are my truly love

just if I knew from the past
I would not wasting my time
with other love

but thank you
for always being here
today, these times
with me
because I love

I love you, One..

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