Good Morning

Morning is about very crunchy time in my life.
When those two little kids should be prepared to school, everything need to be prepared soon.

The milk, for both of them. Stir with love.
The lunch boxes. Need to prepare well so they just ready to eat it easily, especially for my little Ica.
The shoes. Tiny tidy shoes there should be.
The uniforms. Sometimes got little Alzheimer for decide what should they wear today. Yes, there is a schedule.
But thousand schedule running out in my mind..

But, nothing compare than see them smile and give me their big hug. Just in time when they need to go to school.
It is adorable. When you see your kids growing bigger and nicely.
Make me wonder about time that already gone when raise them up.
I thought that I was wasting too much time without loving them properly. Generously. And also most important is to love them with all my heart.

I realize now that all I have to do, is loving them in much...

semarang, nov25th 2008

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