Reading this book, after watched the movie two times.

The first time I saw this movie, I was not completely turn on it. I slept between scenes, and I awake sometimes. Not many differences with the main character. Which one that Edward Norton played on it.

But something did encourage me about this movie. I saw something interesting and correlated with my psycho side. Hahaha.

Yes, everybody have their psycho side, absolutely.

The second time, I little bit surprised. Since this was a movie I’ve been waiting for to see, and I don’t even know what the title is, at that time. So, I was preparing my self, heart and physically, to watch that movie, that night.

I started to watch it not from the beginning, so I was running away to catch up what I just missed. But then I could figure it out. I found lot of things that I was looking for. Then I cannot stop to watch.

At the end, I surprised. For that kind of alter ego, the way it run, and how it affected Tyler, the real Tyler. So in the other way it is indeed scary, and in the other side it was very, very interesting movie.

The next day, I chatted with my friend who in Malaysia in these times. Talking about the Fight Club movie, surprise, he told me about the novel. Wow. I don’t believe it.

Then all about the movie I revealed. The director, which I adored the way he made the movie. David Fincher. And then I seek all his movies, and then I found the pattern.

I adored this guy. I watched all his movies. And I love them all, even yes, I was afraid of some of them when watched.

And the novel.

I searched it, and I found it in PDF file. Yes might be it is cheated. Sorry, Chuck. But the PDF file was too attracted to ignore.

Then I am drowning in the world of Tyler. Until now. I still cannot finish it. Since too many things need to be done in these days.

But the words. I jumped from one word into another and I love it. I fall into the deep meaning of it and his leap of thought. I found too many Chuck’s, or Tyler might be, deep hole of mind that might be reflecting of many people’s psycho side.

Can you imagine your self taking a knife and starting to watch it’s point? Can you imagine your self of punching it into another body?

Do you ever imagine your self to scream out all pain in your self, and let it go, without any boundary?

Can you just release the dark side of your self into a pale and cold alley?

Imagine your self axed into two pieces Black and white. And the black one is not die. But it is running away and say, I am free. The white one is starring at the opposite and start to think, what’s wrong with me. Why I can’t feel like that?


It is dark. Gloom. Narrow and sharp.

The Fight Club Novel.

I cannot stop to read it.

I am not just following the story. I am munching the words. I eat the leap.

So delicious.

I just wondering when I can make this tremendous kind of novel, and in the same time preparing of pre-production of making its movie.

Hope so.

Wondering when.

Nov 2nd, 2008. 8:50 pm