Last Ramadhan, we just fulfilled with a thought of one big moment in next Lebaran. It was planned to have one big reunion of Bani Tohiroen, at 4-5 October 2008. Wondering how it would be, who would attend it, and how it become a progress. In the family.

This is about my father’s family. Tohiroen is his father. So he is my grandpa. He is now rest in peace, of course. Not in a second I ever know him. So is my brother.

So, we know it only through stories about him, and pictures.

And now some of his kids want to collect the family, goes into lot down liner. It means to know the grandsons, granddaughters, cousins, cousin-in-law’, et cetera, et cetera.

Can you imagine, the incredible meeting would be?

Then the day came. So great to tell, about how we meet each other.

Hi, how are you. Look at you now. You was so little when I met you. How pretty you are now. How many kids you have? So this is your husband. Well, looked your son, so cute. Well no, it could not be you. Impossible, you are so big, when you were so little.

Those are some quotes, from lot of conversation happened that night. So crowded, lovely, and absolutely, amazing. The meaning of becoming big, I found it, that night.

Then, the most incredible is, the effect happened after it. We just met our cousins, nephews, nices, and lot of then later on Friendster, Facebook, chatting through skype, YM, build a tree on, and we enjoy it. We chat like we are old friend that do this everyday. And we talk like we never have end. We started a group and website to get connected each other.

What a technology. Collecting us together now.

We are now sharing life, what already happened was, what will we headed for, what we want in the future. We help each other when we need it, and we share information for helping who need it.


I love that night. I love what happened then.

It is about being love, and beloved.

Go Bani Tohiroen, Go.

Keep expand our tree!!!